Foreign Trade Department Learning
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Under this pressure of economics downing, positively we participate in several meetings and salons to find out better way of foreign trade business.

We whole department attent this meeting ( 1200 numbers including workers , director , and boss present. 

On this meeting, we larned three parts 

The consumer index CPI has been on a downward trend and is now at an all-time low

The producer price index (PPI) is on a downward trend and is now at a record low

FAI in fixed assets continues to decline and is now at an all-time low

Real estate has been on a downward trend

(The government has no money to invest)

Foreign investment is the lowest in 25 years

The number of overseas visitors decreased by 96% compared to 2019

The export situation is also the lowest in history

The structure of exports has changed

1. Electronic and electrical growth (photovoltaic cell new energy)

In summary, China's current economic troika is very depressed and continues to decline

Consumer spending has not rebounded since the downturn

Huge debts and investments are unsustainable

External demand weakened exports continued to adjust

Sino-american relations

The best times are behind us, and the competition between China and the US is getting worse

Trade wars: Multiple tariffs have been imposed and will not be lifted for a long time

Technology debate: Restrictions on investment in China in chip semiconductor microelectronics quantum information technology and artificial intelligence

Currency debate: China's manufactured exports have accelerated the circulation of Chinese yuan under the epidemic

The Battle of Consciousness: the difference between traditional Chinese culture and European and American culture

American countries: Europe, Australia, Japan, South America, part of Africa

Middle countries: Russia Central Asia Iran Middle East

Other countries: India, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, Southeast Asia, South America (both sides of the future Sino-US competition need to be supported)

The era of anti-globalization has begun

The foreign trade before the epidemic was free trade globalization under the WTO

The epidemic has made American countries, mainly the United States, feel a great sense of crisis when they see Chinese manufacturing alone (supply chain disruption, logistics delay interruption, freight prices soaring).

So the end of the epidemic began to enter another way of trade to change the current pattern

Competition and confrontation between the two systems of China and the United States

Supply chain Reinvention:

The supply chain of developed countries is transferred to China +N (in addition to China, the supply chain is also transferred to other countries and regions, Southeast Asia, South America)

Supply chains shift from offshore countries to nearshore countries

Nearshore outsourcing (USA - Mexico, Europe - Turkey)

Yukishi outsourcing

Manufacturing reshoring